Thursday, August 13, 2009


Sometimes we have to admit failure. I finally did today, and I feel so much better. No longer fenced in by impossible tasks. I took too many classes this quarter, one being a programming class (not my strength). I finally decided today to take a "fail" in the class and re-take it in the fall or winter. What a relief! Headache instantly gone. Schedule not quite as insane. Peace has descended. Well, not quite.

The thing about programming classes is that you not only have to learn a new language - the computer language - but you have to learn the jargon that the instructor speaks. The teacher would ex-plain something and all the programmers say, "OK". The rest of us say, "What did he say?"

Bothered and Bewildered am I. Not Bewitched.

On now to accomplish reasonable tasks and goals... then some working vacation time... hanging out with the family... perhaps some serious drinking, pool playing and body surfing... maybe even some writing...


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