Friday, August 07, 2009


It's a rare thing to get on an empty bus in Seattle, but that's what happened a couple of weeks ago when I snapped this picture. I call it "Back of the Bus" because that's what it is and because I like the song "Back of the Bus" (by G. Love & Special Sauce.
Chorus lyrics below:

Let the wild rumpus start cause it
just can't stop
And all the cool kids in the back of the bus
Cop a feel
Steal a kiss miss
I hope ya won't regret it
And all of the kids in the back I hope you get it

All the cool kids in the back of the bus
Rubba dubba scrubba bubba
Whatchu talkin' bout gus breakin the rules
I hope we don't get caught sha la la la la la la la la


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