Thursday, August 06, 2009


Last week all anyone could talk about in Seattle was the heat. It was a week of broken records. There was no relief; no breeze in the evening, no cooling down in the early morning hours, no famous Seattle rain to wash away the sweat. Or the smog. One of the nice things about Seattle is a lack of smog - most days. In the summer when it gets hot, we might see a thin layer, but last week it was thick. For Seattle. But nothing like L.A. in the summer. It made for a nice sunset though, and I took this picture of the needle on Broadway in Capitol Hill, looking down Denny. I took about 7 shots and couldn't get a clear one; I didn't want to use the flash, and my hand is not that steady. But I like the shot anyway.
Looking south on Broadway we have Dick's and all the hot, sweaty people out for a cheap dinner. It's too hot to be inside, and it's definitely too hot to cook. Besides, it's good people watching on a night like this.

Then panning back we have "Moon Over Dick's". Not exactly Ansel Adams, but I like it! It was a nice night, even though I was hanging out on Broadway becase there was a power outage by the University Bridge so the electric buses weren't running, and the driver didn't tell us in time for us to get off and catch the 43 which was going to the same place, only by a longer, less direct, but fully electrified route.
However, if the driver had told us in time, or, if the power wasn't out, I would have never been on this corner at this time taking these shots. So my irritation washed away, I eventually grabbed a cab, and had an interesting conversation with the driver, a guy named Jojo, from Kenya. I sure like Seattle cabbies. And hot Seattle nights.

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