Friday, October 02, 2009

Friday in L.A.

Ovid picked me up at the airport and then we went to the Arenas' Barber Shop where DeeDee and Stevie Arenas were doing their hair thing. DeeDee cleaned up Ovid's attemps at cutting his own hair and we all got caught up - it's been 17 years since I've seen either of them, but time doesn't really matter, does it?

Then we stopped for gas and here's Ovid, just being Ovid...

Here's a shot of O's green suede shoes - he always had interesting shoes - I didn't check out his socks, but he is known (at least I know him to) buy ladies socks because they have better colors!

Ovid - up close and personal - there's a twinkle in his eye, even if you can't see it past the sunglasses.

After that we met up with Nathan Stein and Nikki (fromL.A. Guns) and caught the new Michael Moore movie. Pretty soon my awesome neice, Vanessa will be here, and then a good day will be even better.


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