Monday, December 17, 2007

Christmas Top Tens

Top Ten Things I Like About Christmas

The piney smell
The fact that my work doesn't do a Christmas party
The Christmas bonus
Friend's Christmas parties
White Christmas, the movie – especially the "Sisters" number
and "The Theater" number.

Christmas carolers
Christmas cookies (especially Kifle)
The Franciscan Monks fruit cake
Roasted chestnut panettone
(It's all about the food, isn't it?)

Top Ten Things I Don't Like About Christmas

Office Christmas parties
Salvation Army bell ringing
TV commercials
Post Office lines
Obligatory gift giving
Did I mention shopping?

Top Five Worst Christmas Gifts

Wool sweater (I'm allergic)
World's ugliest purse
Baby blue coat (I've never worn baby blue in my life)
Another really bad purse
Wool lined gloves (again, allergic)

I tried to think of ten really bad gifts, but I must have blanked some out for fear of being haunted by the memories...


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