Tuesday, October 09, 2007


I have a friend who refers to me as the Public Trannie Queen. No, I am not a trannie, nor a queen, but I ride public transportation all the time. I get a lot of reading done, I'm not stressed out by latent road rage, and I see some interesting things that I would miss if I were safe in the comforting confines of my own car.

But there are things that puzzle me...

So, you're at the bus stop waiting for your usual 8:10 to work. It's a bit drizzly out, but not too bad. An express to downtown comes by and offloads a bunch of people who stay at the stop. This is a clue that they are now going to get on a local, and you know the only local that comes by here is the one you are also getting on. Okay. It's going to be a crowded, damp ride to work. You may even have to stand, which means you're not going to finish your book this morning.

Ah, finally, here comes your bus around the corner, three minutes late – not too bad. Almost everyone who gets on this bus has been waiting for at least five minutes, but there is always one who isn't prepared. So tell me – why don't they have their fare ready or their bus pass out? Why do we have to stand and wait while they block the entrance going through their pockets or purse looking for their pass or the dollar fifty? Why do we have to say "sorry" when they turn around and ask if anyone has change for a dollar? Why didn't they get this all straightened out during the five minutes we were waiting for the bus?

I ride the bus five days a week to and from work, and several times a day on weekends getting to and from social events or doing errands. This fare jamb happens just about every single time I board the bus. Doesn't matter what day, what time, what route; there is always someone for whom the concept of having their fare ready, completely escapes them.

Why is this? Just wondering.


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