Friday, November 30, 2007


I took this test - it was fast and fun. Those of you who know me well will look at the math result and be shocked - but I have to admit, I guessed on at least one math question. Also, this wasn't timed, and the time it took me to figure out the answers for some of the math problems was rediculously long. But as the disclaimer says - it's for fun. It confirmed what I already knew - good with words and trivia, bad with math and logic.

Your IQ Is 125

Your Logical Intelligence is Below Average

Your Verbal Intelligence is Genius

Your Mathematical Intelligence is Exceptional

Your General Knowledge is Exceptional


At 9:34 AM, Blogger swazi said...

Well sorry Patty I am new to all this blogging... so am not sure my last comment went through... will go and have a look if not will maybe come back ok? bighug from Bern - Walt (the weird exchange student from 1976) MY GOODNESS!!!!


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