Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Dearth of Posting

It is often the case that while riding to and from school on the bus, my mind wanders and I start thinking about all sorts of things, and I begin to compose a little essay for my blog.

The problem is, by the time I get home I start thinking about all the homework I have to do and how behind I am on my projects, and then all those other interesting things I wanted to post... go flying out of my brain, never to be retrieved.

I don't seem to have the time nor the mental retention to post whilst in school. I have a one week break coming up - maybe I'll get to something then. Start thinking the esoteric thoughts again.

Apologies to those people out there who click on my blog regularly to see if there is anything new. You are few, but much appreciated, and, thanks to my Sitemeter stats I know that you haven't given up on me!