Sunday, December 21, 2008


So, we are getting to the end of December and I was looking back over my posts and I realized two things: A) I did not post much this year, which is weird because I've been thinking about a lot of thingsā€¦ B) I did not reach any of my resolutions for 2008!!! Horrors. I thought that with them being posted publicly and all I would be inspired to keep at least some of them and not be shamed, as I am, shamed.

Let's start with resolution #1 - finish the book. I have to say in my defense that I have made progress on it and am at about the 80% mark. I am also writing a lot on this break and if I don't finish it this year, I will definitely get close.

#2 - De-clutter. Right. Like that's going to happen. I will keep it on the list though. Who knows, maybe I'll move this year and I'll be forced to get rid of stuff instead of moving it.

#3 - Find a job. Well it's true. I did get laid off in February, but then I got into this worker re-training program and I'm going to school full time, studying Web Design/Development. Part of the conditions of the funding for this is that I finish the program and that I do not accept any job which would then disqualify me for funding. They want us to complete and to succeed. Kinda nice, huh? So, no job yet. Hopefully the economy will stop tanking by the time I'm done and I'll be able to get one then, but it looks dismal.

#4 - Eat out less, cook at home more. Well, for the most part, this was not too successful. I eat at home and out in basically the same ratio as before. It's hard when one lives in a university district and has so many options for really good and often very cheap food. Why cook for one when I can go down the street and have a steaming hot bowl of pho at Tran Bros., or a "burrito muy pappas" at the taqueria, or "spicy crispy eggplant" at the Mandarin Chef, or palak paneer and naan at Jewel of India, or a baked potato with broccoli and a pint of porter at Big Time? Why, I ask?

I did however, go on a soup making binge last week, and I have soup to last me weeks if not a whole month, which came in very handy recently with the snow and all, so I have been eating at home almost exclusively this week.

#5 - I did revamp the look of my blog but in the interest of full disclosure, I have to admit I did it before making my resolution list, and then I added it so that I'd have at least one thing to cross off. There I said it. I cheated. Just a wee bit. The other thing to consider though, is that now that I've had my first full quarter of web design, I must say that I did not learn enough to revamp it any more than I already have. And I really want to get rid of those little black corner marks, but I haven't figured it out yet.

#6 - Appreciating my friends and letting them know it. I think this is something that can't really be crossed off, that it is something we must strive to do daily. It takes energy and work to build and maintain friendships. If you lapse, you risk the chance that they will slip away and you'll lose track of them. It's harder to slip away these days with the interwebs and all, but it can happen. So I will continue to love and appreciate and to let you know that I do. (and thank you Brad for your lovely sentiments on this matter.)

That being said - I am thankful for the interwebs and the reconnection to my friend Tom Stanton, whom I have not seen for better than twenty years. And I am thankful that Carolyn Tracy and I connected again as I have not been as diligent with her friendship as I should have been. And apologies to Todd that I did not email him to get together before he took off to Thailand, but I will make sure to make time for him when he gets back. And I'm glad that everyone in my family now has webcams and we can skype each other - seeing them in the jerky motions of skype definitely lessens the great distances between us. I am also thankful for cell phone plans that give free night and weekend minutes and I can have my two and three hour conversations with Jay, and with Tim, and late at night with Rochelle.


At 4:22 PM, Blogger brian eppley said...

Hi Patti. Just wanted to say after reading your #4 resolution I am immensely hungry for some Indian or Thai food! I don't blame you for eating out. I have a friend that just moved to Richland, Washington State from South Carolina. He is having a hard time acclimating to the month long below freezing temps! It seems to me when he lived in New Orleans Katrina hit, but I digress.One person couldn't possibly bring on such weather phenomenon could they?
Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for following my blog and wish you good luck with your book. If you don't mind I'm curious how you found my site? I didn't think I had much exposure on the west coast but I am definetly trying to get more. The Carmel art festival is high on my list in California. Thanks for watching and best regards, Brian


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