Friday, May 18, 2007


Last night I had a dream that my legs were tan.

How weird is that? I don't remember anything else about the dream except for the tan legs. It was like I had been sitting in the sun with my pants rolled up – slouched in a chair with my feet on a table so that my shins were situated for maximum exposure – because only the front of my legs, from the knee to the ankle, were tanned.

Why would I dream this? First off, I don't tan, I burn. Second, I believe our dreams are a subconscious processing of what we encountered during the day. Or, a processing of our fears. Or, a processing of our desires. Maybe I desire tan legs. Yes, I kind of do desire tan legs. I'm also kind of afraid of exposure to the sun (see blog below – Morbid Imagination). Maybe I dreamt of tan legs because I both desire them and fear the process, thereby killing two subconscious birds with one stone. But then, that leads to the next question…

Don't I have more important things to dream about?


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