Thursday, June 15, 2006


Last night was fab-u-lous! I went to an artists reception at a local production company. They have an employee who is their curator and every few months they hang the work of local artists. They have a reception with food and wine and invite all their clients and friends of the artists. My friend George showed his recent work, so I got an invitation.

Having heard descriptions of the processes George went through, and stories of his late nights at the studio, it was so cool to see the work framed and hung on walls. They were truly amazing pieces and if I wasn’t in the process of paying off my periodontal bill right now I would have purchased at least one piece. At least one piece of George’s work…and at least one piece of each of the other two artists who were also showing work. What an excess of talent! It was truly inspirational to my artist inside – made me just itch to create something!

Check out the local talent in your area.


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